Your Wedding with Zalacaín LaFincaA

We know that your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. That is why, for us, the main objective is making it unforgettable for you and your family. We want to fulfill your dreams and walk with you on such a special day. A team from Zalacaín LaFinca will guide you at all times to design every detail of the event by providing quality and uniqueness.

Customization is one of the fundamental pillars of this establishment, based on the premise of adapting always to your needs and desires. Multifunctional open areas support the creation all kinds of decorations to make your wedding the best and only one ever dreamed.

All this accompanied by impeccable, elegant and discreet service, with a unique gastronomic array where you may choose between the classic and emblematic dishes of the cuisine of Zalacaín, and other more avant-garde options following in the wake of traditional cuisine and the choice of unbeatable products.

How did you imagine your wedding? We fulfill your dreams, because your dreams are now our dreams.



#Zalacaín LaFinca


A team of professionals at your entire disposal at all times.


We set and decorate your event as you have dreamed so many times.


We previously designed to the smallest detail of your event.


We have large areas and stages for all kinds of shows.


Gastronomic customization by Zalacaín LaFinca.


We have the best and widest group of people to hold events

We put at your disposal our team of event organizers to advise you personally.

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